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out of mind, out of matter
out of time, out of standard
caught it on a sine wave on the 12 scanner
lotta signs, there’s a nail for each hammer
out of control

dodged the okee-doke, rolled your hope joke
eyes be overflowed and so bloodshot
burning up a moon rock
hotter than a sunspot, surfing on a moonshot
belly full of gut rot, turkey full of buckshot
mood ring black, new mood jacked
new moon, new year
cruisin in the back, new codes hacked
new lows, new flow
knew nothing but the dope
thug store drug lord
plug score, chug Malört
overboard, eew
get the door, get the hammer, get the boards
get informed, get absorbed, get ignored
ideal, the hive-mind hides mine fields
so I'll hide here til my mind chills
and y'all keep real what y'all think still
and I straight won't
fucking dummies
I’m a real-ass, grown-ass Manitoba
flow be like a Seal-Team-Six-ass strike
son, eat me
feel these beatings, he'll quit preaching
when your stillborn brain stops thinking

pretense longer than
ten prehistoric centipedes, all stems
from feeding off an enemy
all ends by any means
I can't expend the energy
arrested their development
send them back to Tennessee
Henny in his water bottle doing the electric
two pennies in his pockets in case
he needs to see the other side
coming for to carry him, come forth to pay the way
I came a little drunk with a trunk full of 808's
and Andy, are you OK?, eyes big as dinner plates
PacMan, he could eat the whole interstate
chase his own ghost
hope the Fed keep the interest rate low
for the kid to find a place to stand his hat rack
papers in the backpack
Vapors caught in abstract
and ever since, been completely shad racked
destruction eater, back to the two-seater
find a few meters and a few Cube Gleaners
never sipped the Kool Aid or the cough syrup
Cool Hand Andrew lost in Europe
on a fool’s errand really, I mean really
don’t take more than I should but have a few misgivings
boo hiss, flipped some L’s and drew W’s
don’t let the lampoon trouble you
new kicks, a few Becks, a Quebec French kiss
reset game, new quest who dis?


released August 7, 2017
raps by P.O.S & Sims
beat by Lazerbeak & Paper Tiger (Sick Trim)
mixed by



all rights reserved


SHREDDERS Minneapolis, Minnesota


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