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The debut EP from SHREDDERS (P.O.S x Sims x Lazerbeak x Paper Tiger)


released July 11, 2017

All raps by P.O.S and Sims
All beats by Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger (Sick Trim 4 Lyfe)
Mike Mictlan raps on "Ions"

Mixed by Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studios
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering

© 2017 Doomtree Records



all rights reserved


SHREDDERS Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Ions (feat. Mike Mictlan)
live from environments where iron eagles flying
metal pieces fired
heaving high into the evening
come and meet me
hunting season
numbered days
I often wonder if that's even odd
thesis: reason leaving
are you breathing?
right on, my god,
bygones bygones
ions flaring
flying from the one that I'm on
beyond neon
I ride on nylon and bearings
write in Krylon, “You're fucking with The Juggernaut”
why they wanna go to war with them?
tin clad skin, grin made of porcelain
orbiting, I can spot em from the dorsal fin
ornament, waiting for the Metamorphosis
ain't no Kafka just some ca-ca from the demagogues
rocking with the Baphomets inside the Pentagon
one push the button then we bye bye
bright eyes nigh nigh
you play the side line
I break the game and make the highlights

whoa, here we go again
it’s always on 10
here we go again, again
it’s always on 10

[Mike Mictlan]
Been a brass - ball -
bearing - beast
ball - sack of gator-
skin off the pavement - preach
Barely great -
Crazy - 88 raiders
Beating the fake
Outta you fucks
Bottoms up
bodies all over the place
Beat the - brakes
Beat us &
Eat the - face
Greazy lean see the teeth fleeing
To planet of the blaming apes
Feeding time
Freedom fights
Feed em Fire
Free to fry but pay the price
Peter pipes we play thru pain
Peace of mind for piece of yours
I'll bring the blade
Bring the boys
Outta the yard
I put em back in their milkshakes
Cut - Slash - Dig
Dumbin up Dominoe
Slam - Dum Dudda
Im just a City Slick
Summama bish
Buck - Bash - Brick
Do wutcha - like
A Du-wop diddy
Don't letcha britches
get too fuckin Big
I'll take the brag outta the docious
Put it back in the bag -
Not ya bruh bruh
Buddy don't call me guy
U know who it is!

Glass on the outside
Blood on the inside
Something ain't right

Couldn't think any other way to hide

Couldn't be a better way to getaway
Than die

Big fan of light
And tunnels

Big fan of life
An humbled

So Sick man
Got so
Quick got damn
Something better get me
Track Name: Cult 45
Gangster ass home
Rat killer
Torn because I identify
Cap peeler
Trap filler
Weighs mind

Chilled really tho
Spill a little wine
Blood a Jesus got em faded
Prolly need a little body Christ

Mad gluten tho
Ripin into a camel light (instead)
Caughing shit up
Spit a lung into the bitter night

Faith is not a thing I do
Space is kind of all I need
Prolly break a thing or two

Not too good for the work, but that’s the tip of the berg
then he bunny hop the curb and he flip em the bird
put the money where the words from, called in stoned
but he keeps getting checks like keys, wallet, phone
fuck, fuck, forgot, I’m on that more than ever
the kid a heavy shredder
by any measure couldn’t feel any better
get out-smoked
turn an ouch to an ouch joke
turn a house to a house boat

If it feels good to you, do what you like
right, do what you like
If it’s good to you, if it feels good to you do what you like
right, do what you like

I'm sure it's fine

Screaming whatever forever until I flatline

Catch a ton a breeze

Catch a ton a hell

catch a ton a ZZZ's

An it ain't hard either

Batch a something sweet

Catch em
Kill em
cook em (up)

An it
Ain't hard either

Grave yard feeder
Since birth

The pace car a beater
a base loss-leader by some way lost geezer
so we paved our kilometers, bing
it’s the ace card keeper
Kid 8 bar eater
stick game like Jeter, bada boom
ain’t gotta say a thing
I mean the dude paid his dues
but he never paid the vig
plan looking like the Bay of Pigs
all I did was play the gig
did it big from a to zig
zig zigalla, no big sing along
no oochie wally wally
just Fugazi and some ollies and a jolly roger
ay live in concert
but with big no sponsors
ay we gotta make it sizzzz like an onamonapia
i’m on another eon, beyond a number
you see i’m not the one
but if i’m being honest
I see that one you under
you should rock with us...
do what you gotta gotta
Track Name: Wolfs
God Damn
here come the flood to the line in the sand

running out of real estate
deadweight, wasteland
slimy like what’s stepping out of 4 Chan
I’ma change the format
these alphas are BetaMax
fighting over table scraps
all you see is tail lights
all I make is roadkill
my flow goes over heads
coming for the throat still
all you fire data blanks
all you do is say your thanks
obey your rank
you still got money in the major banks
it all comes up to where you put your bucks
rookie stuff from where the cookies cut
welcome to the neighborhood
listen to your big brother deeming what's acceptable
you gonna meet The Cleavers
you gonna end up like some vegetables

Still screaming
This time gon be different

Yeah yeah

This time gon be different

Nah same shit

New Years to New Years
From no tears to all fears and no steps
All no moves all fall

All breath straight held
But somehow
This time gon be different

Nothing gon change around you
If you don't or won't change shit about you

If you think escaping from view
Could reasonably ease up the psyche try it

I'd probably deny it if I was you too

This crazy way is a daily display
so Art it's obnoxious
sign corners in every room that I stay

Frequently flipping threw every

Seeking something sturdy skipping that...